Amada Lopez

Amada López is a contemporary artist that reflects her views, thoughts, and understanding of the world, life, & human self through mixed media art techniques. With vibrant & dominant colors, soft textures, & a diversity of shapes and figures, Amada accentuates the dynamic and eclectic style that constitute in great part the identity of her artwoks.

After she graduated with an Associate of Arts & a Bachelor of Arts she decided to fully commit herself to her Art Career. She is constantly working on new projects, collections, & artworks that allow her to experiment with new ideas.

Her artworks intuitively explore beyond the splendor of the ordinary. Influenced by the extraordinary exquisiteness and complexity of the world, life, & human self, Amada Lopez reflects in her artworks the mystery, uniqueness, and intricacy of the world, life, & human self. Some of her abstract compositions reflect the striking & harmonious contrast between ordinary elements in life, & deliberately explore the depth of movement & balance among those elements.



Released Collections


By Amada López

INDIGO MOTIONS | Contemporary Art Collection


By Amada López

NEEDLE IN BLUE | Contemporary Art Collection


By Amada López

IDYLLIC LAYERS | Contemporary Art Collection